mentaliti rawak

30 January, 2011


yo,elmoros back.haha
sejak bermenjak ni aku lebih banyak dengar balik lagulagu lama outlandish berbanding dgr lagu keraskeras, 

always remember
kun min
just me

ohh sumpah terbabs!

fikir utk beli basikal, no.bukan fixie hodoh tu hahaha pehal tah aku tngk org naik fixie rasa menyampah.

BMX,duit ntah kemana berangan jauh memanjang, gaji entah dapat ke tak tahu laah ]:
aku nak natang ni. tunggu sebulan lagi

I am scared
I know what I want, it’s her, but I have no idea what to say nor how to say it, and she will probably think I’m just weird or something but yeah, I’ll give it a go.

25 January, 2011

rise of the king ?

kemenangan menentang Wolves, 0-3.
kemenangan pertama buat King Kenny setakat ini, 
diharapkan berterusan.


20 January, 2011

I give you my all (:

ape kau ingat aku ni hati kering sangat ke?

16 January, 2011


13 January, 2011


kalah lagi, apa mau buat?

sabar jelah uncle,kita cuba lagi lain kali



The Red's bird singing in the dead of night
take these broken wings and learn to Fly
-The Beatles

mereka akan menentang Blackpool malam ini,kita akan lihat sejauh mana kehandalan King Kenny sebagai jurulatih baru.

tengok,kepala Webb kemana? bukannya pandang pun bila Stevie tackle.lepastu red card terus melayang. memang sah sah korupsi

But just thought i’d share,i’m not complaining or whining.
The match is well over already,now bring on Blackpool!

12 January, 2011

Miss May I @ KL



11 January, 2011

pergi mampus

just for my haters.

roses are red
violets are blue
i got 5 fingers
and the middle one’s
for you


angin laut

captured by  K770i CyberShot 3.2mp sahaja,adik aku yang paling kecil dan paling bising.

lokasi : pantai cahaya bulan
masa  : bila tah
motif  : buang masa

tengok gigi diaa,makan m&m dan skittles banyak sangat kan dah kuning,

*jaga jaga adik adik buat buat perangai elok elok
jangan sampai kena lepuk

the return of the king kenny

aku harap pakcik handsome ni dapat menebus lambakan kekalahan kita yang sememangnya dah macam bayi yang dibuang di Malaysia.sadis dan tragis

Oh When The King Back to Anfield
Now he is back to our Kop's End, will bring the glory back again
Oh Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool's King is back


rakyat kedepan !

People should not be afraid of their governments.
Governments should be afraid of their people.
itu yang sepatutnya berlaku.
ISA?pergi jahanam.
takde telur boleh la nak guna kuasa.
berani turun depan rakyat kita lihat siapa hebat

Jaga jaga Jaga nama
Kalau jatuh Depa pijak
Kerja sama Boleh maju
Jangan malas Jangan tipu
Makan rasuah Tikam belakang
Semua ini Buat rosak
Tukar cara Kita fikir
Baru hapus KORUPSI!
Tukar cara Kita fikir
Baru hapus KORUPSI!
"Ingat kita takut?!
Apa mengarut?!
Kita tunjukkan!
One Buck Short - kelibat korupsi

10 January, 2011

do not kill each other to form a band

By Aidil, Couple

A lot of you kids have been asking me for tips on a lot of things, how to get a band started, how to get gigs, how to write songs and many others. Now I'm in no way an expert at these things, not even close, but I guess it won't be wrong if I write about what I think is the decent way to go about doing it. So here it goes:

1. Ask yourself WHY you wanna do this in the first place
This is a very important question to ask yourself, because the way you approach things will no doubt differ according to the reasons why you wanna do this. If you're thinking of becoming popular or a star in a short time, then maybe forming a band is not such a good idea, as personally I think it's a long, hard road, for most bands anyway. If becoming a star in record time is your reason, then it's not something I know how to do, as Couple's been around for 13 years now, and we're still nowhere near being stars! So maybe taking part in a talent/reality TV show might be a good idea. Hehe. But if your reasons include love of music, or a need to express yourself, or just to enjoy making music with friends, or by yourself, and playing live, and sharing an adventure, then let's proceed to the next question.

2. Ask yourself what do YOU like?
Some bands have democratic aspirations, yes, but I think it's normal for most bands to have one person, or at the most 2 persons, as the creative drive behind them. So, to these persons I'd advice them to just follow their hearts. I know a lot of people will answer, "I listen to everything", when asked about the music they like. But c'mon, even parents have a favourite child (even if they'll never admit it in public). So, be honest, and ask yourself what sort of music/genre(s) YOU like, and then go through with it. Remember the answer to Question 1 above? You're doing this for YOU, so have some balls and stick your neck out and show to the world - "This is what I love, and therefore this is the music I'm making - this is ME." Only then will your band have any shot at longevity, as only people who really love what they do will keep on doing it regardless of whether their band is successful/popular or not.

3. Do your research
Now that you've decided on what you like, delve into it wholeheartedly. Know it as best as you can. Devour as much as you can. Know/understand what makes you like it. Get a feel of how the songs are constructed. Explore the hallmarks and nuances of the genre(s). Better still, dive headfirst into music history. Make it a point to know as much as you can about as many genres of music as you can. At least that way you won't fall flat on your face, as you're less likely to proclaim that what you're doing is something 'new' or 'original' because the more you delve into music history, the more you'll realise that everything's been done before. But don't worry, that doesn't mean that today's music is worthless, because you just need to realise that there's a world of difference between paying tribute to/getting influenced by someone and plagiarism. Just be true to yourself, do what you truly love, and you'll be fine. Don't burden yourself with all this lofty, big ideas about creating something 'new', 'original' or 'fresh'. Leave that kind of worrying to pompous assholes who think so highly of themselves that they think that everything they do must/should change the world. Music is a reflection of your soul, and if you're true to yourself whilst making it, it will come out, and that reflection of your soul in the music you make is already something unique only to you. What more do you want?

4. Be humble (Part 1)
Being in a band, like it or not, is an ego game. So don't forget to be a human being. And don't forget that your bandmates are human beings too. Never forget that at the end of the day it's your band's 'sound' that people will remember and pay attention to first, not how great the lead guitarist, or the bassist, or the drummer, or the singer is. Depending on the kind of music you do, some players might have to restrain themselves more than others, in order to serve the band's 'sound'. Maybe less guitar wanking is needed in certain genres, or minimalist drumming needed in others, so I'm sure there will be some people in this sort of situations who might think they're better than all that. That is why it's very important to do your research, so that you'll understand the fundamentals of what you want to do better. Always remember that it's the BAND that's most important, not the members. So be humble, and don't be selfish, as the band is not yours alone. If you still think you're better than the band, then quit that band and form your own band, one that you think can better serve your skills.

5. Know your strengths and weaknesses
Again, be honest to yourself and humble enough to admit what your weaknesses are. And of course, be humble enough not to overestimate your strengths. When you start jamming with your bandmates, pay attention to each other. Try to notice each one's playing style. Make a mental note of what each person's strengths and weaknesses are. Better still, talk about it with your bandmates. That way, you can write and arrange songs around that. Accentuate your strengths, and minimise or try to avoid the weaknesses altogether. The most important thing about a band is that it has to be tight. A tight as hell band playing the simplest of music is still a million times better than a loose, all over the place band playing 'complicated' music. Going about being in a band is not so different from going about living your life. If you're weak physically but are excellent with numbers, which would you choose, being a rugby player or mathematician? Easy, right? So, just apply that same logic when you're in a band!

6. Know when you're ready
This is the most crucial part. You've now written your own songs. You've been jamming a lot. What next? This is where you really have to be honest with yourself, AND ask your friends to be honest with you. Maybe you can demo some songs and listen carefully at home, or give some to your friends for them to listen to. The most important thing is to really decide whether the material you have or your live performance skills are good enough to be unleashed to the world. Put yourself in the shoes of the listener. Ask yourself, if you're a listener and you heard the songs, would you get excited by them? If you're the audience and you're watching your band's performance of the songs, would you like it? If you think there's still work to be done after you asked yourself those questions, then by all means do work on it. There's no hurry whatsoever to introduce your band to the world. Most of us get only ONE chance to impress, so make the best first impression you can. A great first impression will surely lead to something. Luck may have something to do with it, but I honestly think there's no such thing as blind luck. I heard this great phrase in a documentary: "Luck is when opportunity meets preparation." And I really think that's true.

7. Be humble (Part 2)
Like I said above, playing music is almost always all about ego. You might start out just to have fun with friends, but what happens when you suddenly have 'fans'? Egos can easily inflate, and when they do you can easily lose sight of things. So, always remember WHY you're doing this in the first place. Again, your answer to Question No. 1 above is very, very important.

So, there it is kids, a simple guide on how to form a band, and not kill each other doing it! I hope it'll help a little bit. Maybe I'll do another post next about how to get gigs or how to 'up' your band? Hehehehe

copy and paste daripada blogg indieband terbaik bagi aku

the kop v man utd

permulaan permainan yang huduh dengan kebaghalan si pengadil Howard Webb memberi penalti kepada Man Utd mencemarkan permainan yang bersih. merujuk kepada gambar di bawah,

ada kau nampak tukang terjun ni jatuh kene sepak?dammit Berbatov,kau sama sepisis member lama kau, Ronaldo

tngk pakcik Alex dengan konco undercovernya Webb,

dan lagi satu kebaghalan Webb, kad merah untuk kapten kita yang tak bersalah lagi mulia,
at least yellow lah brader.
kasi flying tackle sikit je,bukan flying kick pun

pertahanan kita masih teguh walaupun bermain 10 orang sahaja.apa barangg goal penalti. dah kene buang sorang pun tak lepas nak score lagi,

permulaan yang menghambarkan buat jurulatih kita yang baru shaja menggantikan Uncle Roy, King Kenny

walk on,YNWA !

09 January, 2011

Kenny Dalglish mari, pakcik Roy pergi,

selamat pulang Kenny Dalglish
so loooong Uncle Roy,

jangan lupaa,kita bakal menentang cucu cicit setan merah,
pada malam ini

*usha blogger liverpool terjumpa video ni, tengok habishabis,dengar elokelok dan jangan mengamuk wahai syaitooon merah.

walk on through the wind,
walk on,
through the rain,
through your dreams be tossed and blown.
Walk on,
with hope,
in your heart,
and You'll Never Walk Alone !

07 January, 2011

From Anger and Rage

*sumpaaah , aku tak faham apa yang orang dewasa dalam rumah ni fikir

06 January, 2011

frame pecah berderai

currently listening to Eyes Set to Kill - Broken Frames, part Alexia tu memang terbabs.tapi screamer baru dia tu kureng sikit,
press play siapa yang minat,

"And when you say my name
You get the best of me
I feel, I can feel
You won't be leaving anytime soon
You're sewn into my veins
I'm left with all the memories
Behind the broken frames."

04 January, 2011


kids on the move - Drop it

Set it straight; set it straight your words.
Against us and now Ill prove you wrong, and make it right, you wont stand out.
What you did, what you did.
Wont make a change you never did a thing and you complain. Youre going down.

What you have let go. You dont even have it since the first time
And now you say youre getting out (youre getting out)

Let it be, let it be.
It wont affect us and I think you cant, you cant win, and you wont stand out.
In the end, in the end.
You leave and what you did wont mean a thing, because you have failed. Youre going down.

What you have let go. You dont even have it since the first time
And now you say youre getting out

I wont care what you did it wont affect me I wont let go.
Like they say, this is me. I wont change a thing for that.
I wont let go

maaf,saya bukan seperti kamu, setiap manusia berlainan mentaliti dan cara berfikir,

bak kata Imam Hassan al-Banna ; “Saya adalah pengembara yang mencari kebenaran. Saya adalah manusia yang mencari erti sebenar kemanusiaan, Inilah saya, anda pula siapa?”

itu cara dia,jalan dia. aku percaya kami mempunyai jalan yang sama, tetapi cara yang berbeza. terpulang kepada manusia lain untuk menghukum dan mengkritik.

"I can promise you one thing: death will take us all
I can promise you one thing: you will die alone
We're all will die, we may as well go in style
Death is a promise, and your life is a fucking lie"
*maaf maaf,aku tidak bermaksud kau

Problem is normal. If you don't have a problem, then you're not a human being.-someone on tumblr

Allah takkan menguji hambanya jika Allah tahu bahawa hambanya itu tak mampu itu tempuhinya, apa yang perlu dibuat sekarang, redah je

*jangan salah faham gambar di atas, pedulikan 

02 January, 2011

Oh god,
We live in mysery,
lying here,
In desperation

We need you here more than anything
Right now !

grown ups

pernah tak rasa diri macam siaal punya anak? dan rasa diri lebih besar dari orang tua sendiri? 
aku rasa benda tu amat sangat. 
damn,rasa bersalah memang bersawang gila serabut dah.lagilagi dengan tanggungjawab sbg anak sulung yang sememangnya berat gilaa terutama sekali bila kau lelaki,dan lebih lagi bila kau ada adik kecil berderetderet di bawah. 
aku memang respect laah manamana anak sulung yg tak memakihamun bilaa terperangkap di rumah sambil melayan those small zombie soldiers yang tak habishabis berperang bergaduh melalak kat rumah,tak pernah fikir pasal masa depan,hidup senang lenang dan hanya tahu bermain,
"diorang tu budak kecik,bukan sebaya dengan kau,jangan kasar sangaat"

aku faham,mana ada parents yg nak anak jadi setaaaan. setiap diorg ada cara utk mndidik anak sendiri. tapi sbg anak dan juga remaja kita memang mudah lupaaa.lupa tanggungjawab sendiri,lupaa tuhan,segalanyaa
macam aku,

*sesat di hujung jalan U-turn balik ke jalan lurus,mana yaa tuhan jalan ituu?

ask me ;

What a Brilliant Start to my 2011

kemenangan ke atas Bolton 2-1, ketangkasan Torres menyamakan kedudukan, Joe Cole menjaringkan pada mint terakhir,
3 points is such a boost for the whole team,

a perfect start for our Liverpool,hidup hingga habis league

Thank you Liverpool

01 January, 2011

kalau hidup senang dan semua orang macam ini kan,

*hmm, memang perit jadi anak sulung