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26 September, 2011

antara lelaki, bolasepak, liverpool dan you'll never walk alone

dari kiri ; andy ameng, luis jepp, raul haikal dan ryan  amma

Girls always ask this question "WHY DO BOYS LIKE FOOTBALL ?"
  1.  Our love and passion might fade for someone... But our passion and love for our team will never fade
  2. Some guys might not cry for a girl.. but if our team losses in a final, trust me we will cry because it hurts more than a heartbreak
  3. We might get tired of texting our girlfriend at 11 p.m but trust me, we will never get tired of watching our team play even if the match starts at 2 a.m
  4. Our team somewhere somehow teaches us to believe and teaches us the passion to never give up
  5. Football will never cheat on us (:

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